Nechako White Sturgeon Recovery

NEEF Funding: $445,000

Total Project Budget: $1,025,000

Start Date: May 2021

End Date: March 2023


This project includes planning and implementation of further action in support of the Nechako White Sturgeon Recovery Initiative (NWSRI).  The project includes components that address two main areas of current focus for the NWSRI: habitat restoration to address recruitment failure and investigation of factors leading to diminished juvenile survival.  The outcomes of this work are expected to provide a substantial and timely contribution to the recovery of the Nechako white sturgeon population. 
The project components will address the following main areas:

Habitat restoration - planning and implementing next steps.
Spawning locations – effects of environmental variables.
Juvenile survival – identifying factors that influence juvenile survival rate.
Juvenile habitat - winter habitat evaluation.
Juvenile monitoring - genetic tracing of wild recruits and evaluation of lake releases.

Proponent: Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy