Application Review and Assessment Process

Download the Proposal Template Here

NEEF MC manages the fund on behalf of Rio Tinto and the Province of BC. NEEF projects and funds are directed and administered by the NEEF Society. The NEEF Society is responsible for reviewing proposals and making decisions on which projects to fund. The advice of outside experts may be sought.

The NEEF MC welcomes feedback, and stakeholders are encouraged to forward comments to the Project Administrator or the NEEF MC Members.

Step 1: Phone or Email the Project Administrator to verify the eligibility of your project and to discuss timelines for submitting your proposal. If your project is eligible, you will be invited to submit a proposal. Invitation to submit is not approval.

Step 2: Prepare Your Proposal. Use the outline on the next page as a guide. If needed, ask the Project Administrator for assistance.

Step 3: Submit Your Proposal. Send your proposal to NEEF electronically if possible (, or by Canada Post or Greyhound. Please do not use couriers and do not bind your proposal. The Project Administrator will review your application and ask for additional information until it is complete. Once your proposal is complete, the Project Administrator will evaluate it and present it to the NEEF MC. The Project Administrator will confirm receiving your application. If you do not get a “received” message within two working days after submitting your application, please follow up with the Project Administrator to ensure that NEEF received it.

Step 4: NEEF MC Decision. NEEF Society will review your completed proposal and make a decision. Your proposal will be assessed according to the following criteria:
Adherence to the principles and requirements of Schedule 4 of the BC/Alan 1997 Agreement;

  • Consistency with the objectives and priorities articulated in NEEF Guidelines, and completeness of your proposal (outline and checklist on following pages);
  • Environmental enhancement benefits to the Nechako Watershed in proportion to the size of the request;
  • A detailed project budget which clarifies which amounts are confirmed, what they are for, and supporting documentation;
  • Clear identification of contributing funds, partners, and personnel;
  • Logical work plan, timelines and evaluation framework; and
  • Experience and capability of the applicant to undertake the project.

Step 5: Approval or Decline Letter. Once the NEEF Society Directors reaches a decision, the Chair will issue an approval or decline letter within five working days. If approved, the Project Administrator will contact you to discuss conditions of funding and negotiate the terms of a contribution agreement.

Step 6: Agreement Development. Once an agreement has been signed by both parties, the project can commence and the NEEF funds will be dispersed according to the payment schedule in the agreement. The agreement will include a timetable for grant payments and progress reports, methods for publicly recognizing NEEF for the grant, and methods for evaluating the project.

Projects that run multiple years or proponents requesting funds in sequential years will not be awarded new funds in the second year if the funds in the first year have not been expended. For clarity, project funds cannot be accumulated over sequential years, funds must be spent as proposed.


How To Apply