Biochronology of Wild-Recruited Nechako White Sturgeon

NEEF Funding: $19,900.00

Total Project Budget: $39,800.00

Start Date: December 2012

End Date: June 2013


This two-phase project seeks to understand the physical and biological
conditions in the river over the last 40 years that have supported the
occasional recruitment and subsequent survival and growth of juvenile
Nechako White sturgeon. Phase one will be focussed on ageing of juvenile
sturgeon fin ray samples collected in the Nechako River since 1967 and
comparing the recruitment patterns with biotic and abiotic factors that can
affect success. Using year of birth, phase two will examine patterns of
survival and growth in the context environmental conditions that have
supported survival and good growth. Results will allow the Recovery Team and
FFSBC to calibrate future release of juveniles by understanding trends in
growth and survival as they relate to biotic and abiotic conditions in the
Nechako River. Results will also enable better planning of habitat
restoration measures in the spawning reach at Vanderhoof aimed at enabling
natural recruitment.

Proponent: Nechako White Sturgeon Recovery Initiative