Nulki-Tachick Lakes Macrophyte Harvesting Program Feasibility Study

NEEF Funding: $20,000

Total Project Budget: $60,000

Start Date: January 2023

End Date: December 2023


In order to address deteriorating water quality in the Nulki and Tachick Lakes, a feasibility study will be conducted to determine the viability of a macrophyte harvesting program for Nulki and Tachick Lakes and to develop a restoration plan.

The purpose of a macrophyte harvesting program would be to remove excess nutrients that have accumulated in the lakes since the 1950s and to, thereby, reduce the intensity of cyanobacteria blooms. The study will also examine alternative methods that can be used to reduce excessive nutrients levels in the lakes. 
The outcome of this study will produce a comprehensive report including a recommended harvesting plan and implementation strategy for restoring the water quality in the Nulki-Tachick watershed. It will also set a precedent and serve as a model on how to proactively approach and mitigate toxic algae blooms in other BC lakes experiencing the same issues.

Proponent: Nulki-Tachick Lakes Stewardship Society