Cheslatta River Fish Stranding Assessment

NEEF Funding: $153,979

Total Project Budget: $307,958

Start Date: July 2023

End Date: March 2024


 A detailed stranding assessment of high-risk sections along the Cheslatta River connecting Skins Lake and Cheslatta Lake will be conducted.

The key objective of the project is to qualitatively evaluate the extent of fish stranding caused by the annual periods of high discharge from the Skins Lake Spillway. 

Project specific objectives are to: 

  1. Assess and document key areas of concern for potential fish stranding in pools along Cheslatta River between Skins Lake and Cheslatta Lake. 
  2. Determine the extent of fish stranding under current reservoir operations. 
  3. Assess mitigation options for future consideration in the operations of the Nechako Reservoir. 


Proponent: Noot'senay Consulting