Cheslatta Carrier Nation LiDAR Project

The purpose of the proposed project is to acquire LiDAR* point cloud data and high resolution airborne digital imagery combined with post acquisition data analysis to define the current state of the Terrain and Hydrology in the Cheslatta River Corridor and watershed.
The CCFNLP will provide...

Nechako River Sustainability

Update at 2017 06 15

This project is no longer active. NEWSS received $300,000.00 from NEEF between April 1st, 2014 and April 12th, 2017. With this funding NEWSS completed;

  • stream restoration and fish passage work at Murray Creek;
  • replacement of a culvert at...

Integrated Watershed Research in the Nechako River Basin

The University of Northern British Columbia houses an Integrated Watershed Research Group comprising four research chairs: Stephen Déry (Canada Research Chair in Northern Hydrometeorology), Philip Owens (Forest Renewal BC Chair in Landscape Ecology), Ellen Petticrew (Forest Renewal BC Chair in...

Biochronology of Wild-Recruited Nechako White Sturgeon

This two-phase project seeks to understand the physical and biological
conditions in the river over the last 40 years that have supported the
occasional recruitment and subsequent survival and growth of juvenile
Nechako White sturgeon. Phase one will be focussed on ageing of...

White Sturgeon Conservation Fish Culture Program

A comprehensive 5-year study on the Fraser River populations of white
sturgeon, including the Nechako River, concluded the Nechako River
population of white sturgeon is a genetically distinct population, isolated
from Fraser main-stem populations and has experienced a decline in...

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