NEEF Objectives

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Since the 1997 Agreement is primarily concerned with water, the intent of the NEEF is on environmental enhancement related to water. The following four objectives were articulated by NEEF MC in 2012 and are consistent with the considerations articulated by the original NEEF MC in 2001. Proposals being submitted to NEEF must identify how they support one or more of these objectives as well as which specific Decisions the project supports.

  1. Options that are related to changes in flow in the Cheslatta River and Nechako River. This includes changes related to Skins Lake Spillway discharges and changes in flow achieved through other enhancement initiatives;
  2. Options that seek to rehabilitate fish habitat and fish populations in the Cheslatta River and Nechako River;
  3. Options that promote education and stewardship of water in the Nechako and Cheslatta watersheds; and
  4. Options related to improving how water flow regulation decisions are made in consideration of all environmental aspects.