Guiding Principles

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NEEF is managed according to the following principles.

Openness and Transparency
The Management Committee seeks public input into the identification, assessment and review of options to enhance the Nechako watershed area. The public process will be carried out in an open and transparent manner.

The Management Committee will provide opportunities for input from all interested parties in order to provide an opportunity for diversity of viewpoints.

Members of the Management Committee will seek to make decisions by consensus. Decisions of the Management Committee will be binding on the parties.

Geographic Scope
The NEEF MC will address matters related to the Nechako watershed area with a focus on the downstream area. This encompasses all tributaries to the Nechako, the reservoir and the river of its confluence with the Fraser River at Prince George.

The Management Committee will complete its work in a timely manner which does not compromise the thoroughness of the public process.

The Management Committee will consult in a cost-effective manner in order to minimize costs where possible, without compromising effectiveness. The Committee will build on existing information.

Financial Accountability
The Management Committee will observe sound business practices in the way the fund is managed.