Wildlife, Birds & Insects

Author: British Columbia Utilities Commission
Published Date: 1993
Hardcopy Location: BPGC
Record #: 5200
Kemano Completion Project Public Review : public file: Summary of review of scientific literature pertaining to the effects of temperature on the survival, growth,spawning criteria and food of the chinook salmon. B.C. Utilities Commission, Vancouver, B.C.
Author: Brown, T. G., Rzen, L., and White, E.
Published Date: 1995
Hardcopy Location: BVAU, BVIV, OONL, OKQD, BVAFI
Record #: 1870
Survey of the piscivorous birds of the Nechako and Stuart rivers. Canadian Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Manuscript Report 2285 . 26 p.
  1. 1870_Brownetal1995_PiscivorousBirds.pdf (3.3mb)
Author: Elliott, J.E., Wilson, L.K., Henny, C.J., Trudeau, S.F., Leighton, F.A., Kennedy, S.W., and Cheng, K.M.
Published Date: 2001
Hardcopy Location: BVAV
Record #: 1720
Assessment of biological effects of chlorinated hydrocarbons in osprey chicks. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 20 : 866-879.
Author: Envirocon Limited.
Published Date: 1984
Hardcopy Location: BPGC, BPGUB
Record #: 3300
Environmental studies associated with the proposed Kemano Completion Hydroelectric Development. Volume 10: Wildlife resources baseline information. Aluminum Company of Canada. 258 p.
Author: Envirocon Limited.
Published Date: 1981
Hardcopy Location: BNP, BVA
Record #: 3460
Kemano completion hydroelectric development baseline environmental studies. Volume 10: wildlife resources. Aluminum Company of Canada.
Author: Hattler, D. F.
Published Date: 1998
Record #: 3900
Status of Nechako River beaver and muskrat populations. Alcan British Columbia, Vanderhoof, B.C.
Author: Lepori, F., Palm, D., Brannas, E., and Malmqvist, B.
Published Date: 2005
Hardcopy Location: BIOSIS
Record #: 6570
Does restoration of structural heterogeneity in streams enhance fish and macroinvertebrate diversity? Ecological Applications: 2060-2071.
Author: Lloyd, R. A
Published Date: 1999
Record #: 7830
Foraging Locations and Habits of Ospreys in the Nechako Reservoir. Prepared for: B.C. Environment, Wildlife Branch.
  1. 1870_Brownetal1995_PiscivorousBirds.pdf (3.3mb)
  2. appendix b.zip (429kb)
  3. appendix c.doc (97kb)
  4. appendix d.xls (35kb)
  5. figure 5.xls (56kb)
  6. foraging study title pages.doc (22kb)
  7. osprey foraging report.doc (180kb)
Author: Perrin, C. J.
Published Date: 1996
Hardcopy Location: BNP, BVAFI, BVIEM, BPGC, BVA
Record #: 1300
Pilot fertilization of the Nechako River III: factors determining production of fish food organisms. Nechako Fisheries Conservation Program Technical Report RM90-4. 31 p.
Author: Quamme, D. L.
Published Date: 1994
Hardcopy Location: BPGC
Record #: 6120
Phosphorus limited community dynamics of stream benthic algae and insects. The Author, Vancouver, B.C.
Author: Terry, E.
Published Date: 1995
Hardcopy Location: WLAP
Record #: 4730
Nechako River - aspen girdling trial. Wildlife-vegetation monitoring (1993-1995). B.C. Ministry of Environment, Land and Parks, Victoria, B.C. 17 p.