Cheslatta Carrier Nation LiDAR Project

NEEF Funding: $200,000

Total Project Budget: $400,000

Start Date: November 2016

End Date: December 2017


The purpose of the proposed project is to acquire LiDAR* point cloud data and high resolution airborne digital imagery combined with post acquisition data analysis to define the current state of the Terrain and Hydrology in the Cheslatta River Corridor and watershed.
The CCFNLP will provide a comprehensive and thorough base of data to support:

  • Integrated Watershed Research
  • Tributary Watershed Restoration and Stewardship
  • Cheslatta Watershed Restoration

Specific Project Deliverables will be the identification and definition of:

  • Streams and rivers and lakes that will support a fish habitat.
  • Streams, river banks and lake shorelines that require stabilization
  • Streams, rivers and lakes that will benefit from reduced sedimentation and erosion
  • Riparian zones that have been de-nuded
  • Streams, rivers and riparian zones that require fencing to prevent livestock intrusion.
  • Streams that require hardening for livestock crossing
  • Streams that require the installation or replacement of culverts to ensure proper fish passage

*Light Detection and Ranging

Proponent: Cheslatta Carrier Nation