Proposal Template

Download the Proposal Template Here

(This section describes the required format for NEEF proposals.)

Please try to keep proposals concise, preferably less than ten pages (additional documentation can be attached). Ensure that you complete all categories below. Missing information will delay the review and decision processes.

Proposal Cover Page

Provide a clear, concise description of the project in a page or less. Include the amount of funding you are seeking from NEEF along with the total project budget including all applicable taxes and administrative fees.

Project Title

Project Summary
Provide a clear, concise description of the project in a page or less. Include the amount of funding you are seeking from NEEF along with the total project budget including all applicable taxes and administrative fees.

Project Goals
Provide a list of the project goals. Add clarification as needed.

Organization and Background
Describe your organization, how long it has been operating, its mission, activities and accomplishments. If you have not previously applied to NEEF, please provide a copy of your organization’s constitution, certificate of incorporation, and any promotional brochures that might help us understand what you do. Make note of any previous investments made by your organization or others in support of the project. Understand that, while past investments demonstrate commitment to a project, they are not eligible for leveraging NEEF funds.

Long and Short-Term Benefits to the Nechako Watershed and Area.
Explain why the project is needed, who will benefit from it, and how it fits into the most current local or regional environmental and community strategies. Describe how the project fits into the NEEF mandate, objectives, decisions, and criteria.

Clearly demonstrate how the benefits of the project will be sustained after the funding has been spent. If your project includes infrastructure, explain which organization and/or people will be responsible for ongoing operational and maintenance costs.

Deliverables and Work Plan
Outline the proposed work plan for the project, including clearly defined deliverables, tasks and timeframes. In order to release funds, the NEEF MC will require proponents to submit an annual plan that clearly indicates the work being proposed and associated budgets.

NEEF can provide funding up to 50% of the pre-tax value of the project. Applicants should seek partners to share costs and include a broad range of expertise to make the project as successful as possible. Contributions may be in-kind (up to 25% of total project value in the form of labour and/or capital assets – excluding land), or funds from lending institutions, funding agencies, businesses, individuals and municipal, First Nations, Provincial and Federal governments. Note that ineligible costs cannot be used to leverage NEEF funds.

Identify your funding partners and clarify whether they are confirmed or applied for. Describe the status of any funding partners not yet officially confirmed. Describe the roles of your partners in this project, as well as their specific contributions. A reasonable financial value should be assigned to support “in kind” items.

Key Personnel
Provide biographies for key personnel who will be involved with the project. If appropriate, attach resumes in the Appendices.

Letters of Support
Provide a list of organizations and individuals that have provided letters of support specifically endorsing the use of NEEF funds for the project. Attach the letters of support to your proposal.

Include a clear evaluation plan, identifying when and how you will measure the project’s results, as well as how and when you will report this to the NEEF MC.

Describe how you will provide public recognition of NEEF and NEEF Partners, BC and Rio Tinto Alcan, and other project partners.

Project Income and Expense Projection
Include an income and expense projection for the full term of your project. Choose time periods that best suit your project (monthly, quarterly, yearly). While we can be flexible on disbursement of NEEF funds, we will start with the assumption that each approved project will have a fixed annual budget, and that funds will be made available on a 50/40/10 ratio. That is, an accountable advance in the amount of 50 percent of the annual budget will be provided at the start, 40 percent provided upon completion of the project work, and 10 percent upon submission of a final report which includes an accounting of all project income and expenses supported by receipts and/or invoices, and once all contractual obligations have been met. Please work with the Project Administrator to determine the best model to meet your cash flow needs.

Budget Summary and Funding Plan

Provide a summary of project expenditures, indicating which items NEEF monies will be used for and which costs or services your funding partners will pay for. State the amount of funding you are requesting from NEEF and others and when you expect responses from other funders. Capital costs and labour contracts must be supported by estimates or quotes from suppliers. Cash and in-kind funding expended prior to a project start date will not be eligible.

Appendices or Attachments

  • Attach the following items to your proposal, where appropriate.
  • Society Papers (Certificate of Incorporation, Board of Directors)
  • Most Recent Financial Statements (Societies Only)
  • Quotes, Proof Of Confirmed Funding, Letters Of Support
  • Relevant Photos, Maps, Proof Of Ownership (Properties)
  • Supporting Research Or Planning Documents (Feasibility, Business Plan, Reports)


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