Umam (Pygmy Whitefish) Surveys

NEEF Funding: $46,236

Total Project Budget: $92,472

Start Date: September 2020

End Date: March 2021


This project involves conducting a preliminary presence/absence survey for Umam within the Cheslatta watershed. Initial surveys will provide information regarding Umam presence and distribution that will help create a foundation for future management decisions that facilitate the recovery of Umam populations.

Project Goals:

  1. Provide an avenue for Cheslatta Carrier Nation members to further develop skills and training in fish habitat assessment and management.
  2. Determine the presence of Umam populations within the Cheslatta Watershed.
  3. Provide an example of how Traditional Ecological Knowledge can inform wildlife conservation management.
  4. Conduct a field survey over 9 days in the Cheslatta Watershed, based on historical Umam spawning areas as documented by CCN elders, using minnow traps, Backpack Electrofishers, and/or seine nets.
  5. Completion of fish cards for all fish species captured to submit to the regulatory agencies and for CCN records.
  6. Collection of habitat characteristics of each surveyed site including

Proponent: Cheslatta Carrier Nation