Information Bulletin #4

Mar 19, 2012

Phase 2 - Consultation - We want your input!

The NEEF Management Committee invites you to its next public meeting and workshop on March 29, 2012 at 6:30 PM in the Nechako Senior Friendship Centre in Vanderhoof. We want to continue to receive your ideas and comments regarding options for the use of the Nechako Environmental Enhancement Fund
(NEEF). The objectives of the public workshop are:

    1. to provide everyone an opportunity to engage in a discussion regarding environmental enhancement,
    2. raise any concerns and express interests related to the health of the Nechako watershed, and,
    3. to identify options for environmental enhancement the NEEF Management Committee should consider.

We would like to hear from you! Please let us know if you plan to attend the public meeting and workshop on March 29 in Vanderhoof. If you cannot attend we encourage you to send us your thoughts in writing, or contact us by telephone. The workshop will be lead by facilitators, and structured to allow small groups to discuss relevant information, explore and understand each other’s interests, and to raise proposals for options for the use of the NEEF.

We have developed a short questionnaire in order to get a better sense of your environmental priorities. The questionnaire is posted on our website and will also be available at the workshop. Please take the time to complete and send it to us or simply drop it off at the Rio Tinto Alcan office in Burns Lake or Vanderhoof. The questionnaire can also be completed and submitted on-line and will be discussed at the beginning of the workshop. To help you prepare for the workshop we provide here a summary of information provided to us by the Nechako Fisheries Conservation Program and the Nechako White Sturgeon Recovery Initiative. Both presentations are available on the NEEF website. Also provided below are our preliminary responses to questions and comments we received through our first round of meetings in January.

Also included in this bulletin: Nechako Fisheries Conservation Program (NFCP), Nechako White Sturgeon Recovery Initiatve (NWSRI), Sediment, flow and health of the river, NEEF MC Process, Benefits of a water release facility (WRF) at Kenney Dam, Status of the legally binding decision of 2001 and “best” option and Environmental health of the Nechako watershed. 

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