Appointment of Independent Public Member

APRIL 16, 2024

The Nechako Environmental Enhancement Fund (NEEF) is a fund that was established as part of the BC/Alcan 1997 Agreement between the province of BC and Rio Tinto.  As part of the agreement, Rio Tinto will contribute up to $50 million to the NEEF, on a matching dollar basis.

The NEEF Management Committee (NEEF MC) was given the mandate to decide how the funds should be used. In 2015 the Management Committee formed the NEEF Society to administer the projects and funds as directed by the NEEF Management Committee.

The three member NEEF Society Board is comprised of one representative of the province of BC, one representative of Rio Tinto and an independent public member.

Jordan Cranmer has been appointed as the newest independent public member after being selected through a recruitment and interview process. 

Jordan Cranmer grew up and lives on the traditional territory of the Saik’uz First Nation and has a vested interest in the Nechako watershed. She is a recent graduate from the University of Northern British Columbia with a degree in Community, Population, and Environmental Health. Jordan is an alumni member of the Learning from Eco-social Approaches to Public Health (LEAPH) Laboratory and the Environment, Community Health Observatory Network and sits on the Integris Community Investment Grant Council. Her professional affiliations span community development, youth engagement, sturgeon conservation and research, place-based education, and community outreach, focusing on community and environmental health and well-being.

Passionate about the intersection of ecological approaches to health and the intertwining of environmental and community well-being, Jordan brings a unique perspective to her work. 

Jordan says, “I am grateful for the opportunity to bring my perspectives and knowledge about the Nechako Watershed to the NEEF Board. I have spent countless hours on the Nechako River and continue to learn new things about it every day. My goals for my time with the board are to foster inclusivity by supporting and engaging with a diverse array of applicants and projects. I am committed to representing the deep-rooted care and reverence communities hold for this watershed, and embracing the diverse perspectives that enrich our collective understanding."

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